About Us

Kim and Kim is an accounting company that offers financial and accounting services to to both businesses and individuals in Schaumburg, Illinois. We pride ourselves in offering a more personal level of service for those who seek accounting and business advice. Our certified CPA accountants Alex and Don Kim have been in the business for over 20 years and personally handle client accounts. Services include general tax preparation, bookkeeping, management of payrolls, and financial consulting.

Here at Kim and Kim Co, clients receive attention that can't be found in bigger corporate accounting firms. The lead accountants, who are also the founders, work with clients on a one on one basis for a more trusting relationship between accountant and client. Taking the time to solve a client's accounting questions is something that we're proud of here at Kim and Kim.


Accounting services offered here are for both small businesses and individuals. Bookkeeping, general ledgers, personal financial statements, accounting systems, and much more.


Taxes will always exist with any business or individuals. We're here to help you organize your taxes and make filing your taxes to be less complicated than what it should be.


Keeping track of your payroll is a big part of all businesses with any number of employees. We're here to help you avoid those penalties for payroll tax payments and managing your companies payroll statements.'